News Media Articles on COVID-19 Ethics

Articles listed by most recent first:

Awali T. Forgetting “refugees” during COVID-19. Beirut Today 21 March 2020.

Hendrix S, Loveluck L. As epidemic menaces refugee camps, the Middle East’s most vulnerable face a deepening nightmare. Washington Post 20 March 2020.

Welsh JC. The coronavirus and the poor: Lessons from Ebola. Cognoscenti 17 March 2020.

Gandhi R, Patel A. What if Two COVID-19 Victims Need Ventilators and Just One Is Available? Scientific American 16 March 2020.

Cha AE. Spiking U.S. coronavirus cases could force rationing decisions similar to those made in Italy, China. Washington Post 15 March 2020.

Ives J. Coronavirus may force UK doctors to decide who they’ll save. The Guardian 14 March 2020.

Fernandez E. The COVID-19 Coronavirus Is Now A Pandemic – Can We Ethically Deal With Lockdowns? Forbes 13 March 2020.

Emmanuel et al. How the Coronavirus May Force Doctors to Decide Who Can Live and Who Dies. New York Times 12 March 2020.